Play game Piano Tiles 2

There are two kinds of currencies in Piano Tiles 2. The first currency is in the form of music notes, simply by the name of coins. The coins in Piano Tiles 2 are considered to be the basic currency in the game. You can use them to fill up your energy bar, purchase more hearts and to unlock certain songs. Coins are easily obtainable by simply playing the game and getting a very high score on all of the songs. You also receive coins as rewards for leveling up in the game.
The second currency is in the form of diamonds, and is considered to be the premium currency of piano tiles 2 game. It is almost impossible to obtain premium diamonds for free, which means that you will need to spend real money if you want to obtain a significant amount. You can use premium diamonds to unlock certain premium songs, which will not unlock by leveling https
As stated above, you can purchase premium diamonds with real money, if you wish to do so. There are three different premium diamond packages available; 10 premium diamonds for $0,99, 53 premium diamonds for $4,99 and 110 premium diamonds for $9,99.

After obtaining premium diamonds, you will be able to exchange them for basic coins, should you need them. It will cost you 1 premium diamond to get 100 basic coins, 10 premium diamonds to get 1100 basic coins and 100 premium diamonds to get 12999 basic coins.

You can obtain free premium diamonds by watching advertisement videos. For every advertisement video that you watch, you will receive one premium diamond, which is not much, but they will add up. You can also replenish your hearts by watching advertisement videos.

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Piano Tiles 2

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